Common Reasons You May Need Houston Roof Replacement

There are many reasons you may need Houston roof replacement. However, be on the look-out for some common causes of roofing damage. Knowing what can cause damage to your roof will allow you to proactively schedule Houston roof replacement before issues become more severe. Your roof protects you, your home, and your family from the elements. Therefore, keep an eye out for damages caused by these three common situations.

Weather Can Lead to Houston Roof Replacement

Your roof protects you from inclement weather. However, it can also be damaged by the elements overtime or by severe storms. For example, water, hail, sleet, and high heat can all take a toll on your roof over time. In Texas, heat is especially a concern. High temperatures and UV light can weaken your roof and may require Houston roof replacement.

Additionally, high winds and hurricane-style winds can damage shingles or even, in some circumstances, tear your roof from the top of your home. Therefore, after a severe storm, it’s important to call your Houston roofing company for an inspection. This way, you can detect unseen damage and repair roof damage before it becomes a larger issue.

Pests Can Cause Roof Damage

Pests are another common cause of roof damage. Ants and termites can affect your roof easily and go wherever they like. Additionally, mice and rats can squeeze through even dime-sized openings and infest your home. In particular, you may need Houston roof replacement to prevent birds, squirrels, and rats from damaging your roof. These critters may nest on your roof and burrow through your shingles into your house. Therefore, if you notice pests on your roof, contact your Houston residential roofing contractor to determine the best steps to take to prevent roof and shingle damage.

Neglect May Require Roof Repair or Replacement

Neglect may be the most common cause of roofing damage and can cause major problems for your roof and your home. If you notice roof damage, it’s important to schedule Houston roof replacement as soon as possible. Otherwise, ignored roofs cannot adequately protect your home and problems may worsen overtime.

Additionally, maintenance from your Houston roofing company is vital to keeping your roof in good condition. An unmaintained or poorly maintained roof makes each element of your roof more vulnerable to wear and tear. For example, aging shingles should be replaced, as they become brittle and weak. What your maintenance plan should look like will depend on your specific circumstances. However, it’s generally a good idea to schedule annual inspections with your roofing contractor and clean your gutters regularly.

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