Houston Roof Repair

Roof leaks. Is there anything worse? It doesn’t matter if it’s a big leak or a little drip, Paramount Roofing provides fast action and long-lasting roof repairs. We start by identifying the problem—which can be tricky. Just because a leak comes out in one place, doesn’t mean that’s where it started. Our Houston roofing repair team knows how to track down the sneakiest of leaks.

Repairs Prolong The Life Of Your Roof

Getting fast attention to any roofing issue increases the chances we can stop the problem and the possibility of a costly roof replacement, keeping you and your family safe. The fact is roofing problems begin small, but don’t stay that way. Keep an eye out for issues like these for roof maintenance:

  • Roof Leaks or damage
  • Loose, cracked or missing shingles
  • Shingle granules gathered in gutters
  • Mold, moss or algae
  • Attic Dampness
  • Water stains on walls or ceilings
  • Loose or sagging gutters
  • Loose or leaky flashing

When’s the last time you had a roof inspection?

If your roof is over 10 years old, chances are there are potential issues overhead. Storms, wind, and other weather extremes could mean there are issues you can’t see from the ground. That’s why Paramount Roofing recommends periodic roofing inspections—especially for aging roofs.

Professional Roof Inspections. Honest Assessments.

Many times we find minor issues that can be corrected with a quick repair. On the other hand, we also find lurking issues the can easily become expensive problems. Paramount Roofing gives you detailed findings from our roofing inspections along with all your options.

What we won’t give you is a pushy sales pitch. We began Paramount Roofing because we believe nothing matters more than family time. Keeping your home and family safe matters to us. We also provide commercial roofing services in the Houston area. Which explains why the integrity of your roof is paramount to us. Even if you choose someone else to replace your roof, we believe it’s best to have the facts upfront. The rest is up to you.