Clay Tile RoofClay roofing tile are so durable that it is not unusual for them to outlive the decking to which they are attached. They are made by baking molded clay in high-temperature kilns. They used to be formed by hand, but today’s tiles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and textures. The beauty and versatility of clay tiles attracts a lot of attention and add an additional dimension to any home.

Benefits of Clay Tiles

A clay tile roof is fireproof. It requires minimal maintenance and has a long lifespan. In fact, archaeologists have unearthed Grecian roof tiles used in the 3rd millennium B.C. that were still in good condition. Clay tile roofs routinely last 50 years, but some clay tiles can last over 100 years. Clay tile is a Houston roofer choice for beauty and durability.

Clay tile may cost more to purchase, but the natural beauty and classic appearance are worth the cost. Clay tiles enhance the value of any property. They work best in hot, dry climates, such as Texas. They will not rot, and insects cannot bore into them. It is best to avoid walking on them because they can chip and break.

Because tile is very heavy, it may require extra roof support, which will increase the cost of a tile roof. However, tiles on a Houston roof can outlive asphalt by decades. In fact, clay tile has been known to outlive two or more asphalt roof replacements.

The various shapes of the tiles work for different architectural styles. Flat tiles work well with French and English styles, and red clay curved tiles lend an authentic appearance to Spanish or Mission-styled structures, old-world European buildings and Southwestern-type homes. Clay tiles are among the most versatile, attractive materials used in Houston residential roofing today.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are made from cement, water and sand. They come in many finishes, styles, colors, cuts and shapes. Some even look like shingles and shakes. Clay and concrete tiles can also mimic slate. Concrete tiles do not last quite as long as clay, but they share their durability, low maintenance and fire resistance. Unlike clay tiles, concrete tiles can be walked on without fear of breaking them. They are energy efficient and naturally insulate against noise in Houston residential roofing applications.

As with slate and other tiles, the building must be strong enough to handle the weight of concrete tiles. In a humid area like Houston, glazed tiles work best because they do not attract moisture. Severe hail has been known to cause damage to ceramic tiles.

Clay and concrete tiles are environmentally friendly. They can be used and then recycled into other building materials.

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