Wood Shingles and Shakes

Wood shingles and shakes are usually made from western red cedar, but they can also be made from pine, redwood or cypress. They have a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years or longer if they are well maintained. They have a high resistance to rot, so they are great for a Houston roof that is constantly exposed to humid weather. The difference between shakes and shingles is that shingles are cut on a machine and shakes are hand-hewn, which gives them a more rustic look. Shingles are thin and flat. Shakes are thicker and have a rough, split surface. Either type must be installed on spaced boards as opposed to solid sheathing, so there is adequate ventilation for the roof to stay dry.

Shakes are basic wooden shingles made from split logs. They are used all over the world and here in Texas by Houston roofer companies. The highest grade shakes are used for roofs, and the lower grades are used for siding. Both uses give a home a classic, rustic appearance. They do, however, require a little more care than some roof coverings.

Actually, the term shake refers to the board to which the shakes are nailed and not the shingle itself. Split wooden shingles are sometimes called shag shingles. At one time, wooden shakes and shingles were among the few types of roof coverings available.

Wood shingles and shakes give your roof a natural appearance that blends in with the environment, so they are popular for many styles of architecture and locations. Most wood shakes and shingles have been treated with fire retardant and chemical preservatives to make them less susceptible to fire or decay. They fight off moisture and are environmentally friendly because they are a renewable resource.

Thanks to the natural color variations and various thicknesses of shingles or shakes, every home with wood shakes or shingles has a different appearance. A wooden roof will not outlast slate or metal, but with proper care, it can protect your home for decades. While wood shingles and shakes are a beautiful and traditional Houston residential roofing material, their demand has declined due to worries about the roof catching fire, especially in wooded areas where forest fires or lightning can start a blaze.

Benefits of Wood Shingles and Shakes

Shingles and shakes also perform exceptionally well in drier climates. Some manufacturers offer up to a 50-year warranty on them. Thicker shakes can handle punishing hail and heavy snow. In wetter climates, they have to be cleaned occasionally to remove lichens and moss. Since shakes and shingles are cut from old-growth trees, they are considered a green product. When the shingles wear out, they can be recycled into mulch as long as they have not been treated with pesticides.

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