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Residential Roof RepairA Houston roof will not last forever, but if you have your roof inspected twice yearly, you can extend its lifespan and delay replacing your entire roof. A Houston roofing company can perform repairs that will ward off any excess damage and save you the cost of a full replacement.

A Houston roof repair can be minor, such as replacing a few missing shingles that have fallen to the ground. A large repair, such as a hole in the roof, requires more time and labor from your Houston roofing company.

Causes of Roof Damage

Many things can damage your roof. The following are the most common.

  1. Weathering occurs when roofing materials deteriorate from exposure to rain, sun, ice and wind. Generally, inorganic roofing materials deteriorate less quickly than organic coverings, but hail can damage all types of roofing materials.
  2. Strong winds and hail can damage or blow shingles off your roof or send debris flying into it. Roofs are not meant to stand up to hurricanes and tornadoes. Even gusts of 50 to 75 miles per hour can get under the roof and make it lift. The main weather damage to a roof is caused by wind happens due to the partial vacuum created by gusts blowing over the edge of the roof or the impact of large hail storms.
  3. Improper design can generally guarantee future problems that will require repairs. In most cases, a poor design can only be corrected by a Houston roof replacement.
  4. Flashing failures permit rain to get under your roof and inside your home. Frequently, all it takes to fix bad flashing is a quick repair or replacement.
  5. Failing to maintain your roof will definitely earn a visit from a Houston roofer to repair the damage caused by inattention. Failing to discover a problem in its early stage is probably the most common reason for premature roof failure, especially on low sloping roofs.
  6. Base-flashing problems include the following.
    • Inadequate base-flashing plies
    • Insufficient protective coating
    • Omitting cant strips
    • Incorrect base-flashing height
    • Movement between vertical surfaces and the roof deck
    • Insufficient sealing
    • Deteriorating substrates
    • Loose insulation
  7. Metal base flashing easily separates, which causes cracks at the edge of the metal due to the difference in expansion coefficients between the materials.
  8. Metal counter flashing problems are caused by the following factors.
    • Counter flashing that is too high above the base flashing
    • Metal deterioration
    • Open joints and cracks between metal pieces
    • Separation of counter flashing from vertical surfaces
    • Counter flashing not fitting tightly
  9. Gravel stop and metal edge strip problems happen when these components do not prevent wind damage or blow-offs. The main issue with gravel stops and metal edge strips is leakage and splitting.

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