Skylights Pros & Cons from your Houston Roofing Company

Are you considering adding a skylight to your home? You need to know the pros and cons! As a leading Houston roofing company, we’ve seen a lot of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to skylights. Make sure you know the risks and benefits before diving right into a skylight installation project. As with any roofing project, make sure you consult a qualified roofer and choose an experienced team for skylight installation.

Adding a skylight to your home? Have your Houston roofing company do a thorough inspection of your roof!

Advantages & Disadvantages of Skylights

Now, if you’re thinking about putting a skylight in your roof, you probably already know some of the benefits of them. For example, they let more light in. This can help you use less energy for lighting and it can also make the room look bigger.

Skylights also give you some great views, even if your home isn’t far from your neighbor’s, since they point upward toward the sky. That means you can do some cloud watching or star gazing in the comfort of your own home.

Because of these key benefits, adding skylights may even increase your home’s value! So, you might be thinking of putting a few in right before putting your house on the market.

However, there are some disadvantages, too. Your Houston roofing company has seen a few different things go wrong with skylights over the years. For example, they’re great at letting light in, but they can also let the harsh Houston heat in, too, so you might be running your air conditioning more to compensate.

Another issue is that they also let UV rays into your home, which can fade out your floors and furniture quicker where the light touches. There are some coatings and tints that can help reduce this, but nothing will stop it completely.

Also, since installing skylights requires you to cut into your roof, it can cause Houston residential roofing problems when not done correctly. When installed properly, skylights don’t necessarily weaken your roof, but improper installation can wreak havoc on your roofing system. That’s why you always want to work with an experienced team that’s licensed, bonded, and insured and offers a great warranty on their work.

Skylight Tips from your Houston Roofing Company

So, you’ve decided to install skylights? Then consider these tips from our Houston roofing company:

  • Look for hurricane-rated skylights to withstand Houston’s crazy weather
  • Install skylights on north-facing roofs
  • Choose laminated glass skylights for safety and durability
  • Have your Houston roofing company evaluate your roof before and after skylight installation

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