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Residential Roof ReplacementMany property owners delay repairing their Houston roof even if they have an emergency situation or a leak. They keep putting it off until the condition is critical, and they have to replace the roof entirely. If your roof is not doing its job properly, you will inevitably have to hire a Houston roofing company to handle the problem. It will not get better with time. You roof will continue to deteriorate without some attention from a Houston roofer.

It is difficult for a homeowner to know when to have a roof repaired and when to have it replaced. One good way to decide between replacing and repairing is to consider the age of your roof. A roof should last 15 to 30 years depending on the lifespan of the covering, but commercial and Houston residential roofing can sometimes sustain damage from severe weather. The bright summer sun and cold winter nights can ruin your roof far before its life expectancy. Here are a few tell-tale signs that you need a new roof.

  • Spots on the ceiling mean your roof is leaking. Once a roof begins to leak, its days are numbered.
  • After the spots on the ceiling worsen, the ceiling material wilts or collapses.
  • The wooden beams in your attic are darker than they were, and they feel moist to the touch.
  • You can see rusted nails sticking through the sheathing.
  • Loose granules on asphalt shingles mean the shingles are deteriorating. Some shingles may have become loose or are missing. Check your gutter to see how much granulation is there. If you notice many granules, it is time to reroof.
  • If you have missing cedar shakes, then you have a more serious problem than just bald spots on your roof. It is likely that the remaining shakes are concave and holding water instead of repelling it.

There are several reasons that your roof might be failing. If your roof is very old, it may be worn out and useless. High winds are also treacherous for roofs. They can cause roof lift or make your shingles curl, dip, buckle or blister. Hurricane damage is another reason for replacing a roof. If high winds and rain do not harm the shingles, a fallen tree or branch certainly can guarantee the need for a replacement. Hailstorms can also beat your roof into submission.

To keep your roof healthy and prolong its lifespan, you should have it inspected twice annually. Although you may need to replace your roof eventually, you can avoid interior damage to walls, ceilings and rafters if you are proactive and replace the roof before it gets worse.

You are probably wondering how much it costs to replace a roof. That depends entirely on what materials you choose, the condition of your current roof and if you decide to add any extras. A radiant barrier or a Houston gutter installation will add to the total price but are worthy additions.

If you plan on selling your home in the near future, you might want to replace the roof to avoid any damage. In most cases, you will recoup about 65 percent of your expenses.

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