Holiday Tips from Your Houston Roofing Company

Nothing says holiday cheer like hanging lights and decorations outside your home. However, there are a few tips your Houston roofing company recommends to prevent roof damage from decorations. Rather than rein in the new year with roof leaks and damage, keep these few pieces of advice in mind while you decorate.

Light Hanging Tips from Your Houston Roofing Company

The most common way homeowners damage their roofs while decorating is hanging lights the wrong way. Your Houston roofing company has a few recommendations to prevent roof damage from holiday lights. First, make sure you test the lights before hanging them. This not only saves you a lot of time and hassle if they don’t work but can help prevent a fire hazard on your roof from lights with electrical shorts. In the same vein, your Houston roofing company also recommends only using extension cords rated for outdoor use to prevent overheating and potential fire hazards that could damage your roof.

Also, be sure you don’t hang your lights from your shingles. This could lead to you needing a Houston roof replacement, as it damages your shingles and can let in moisture that may cause leaks or roof rot. It may seem easier to put a few staples in your shingles to hang lights on your home but could cause roofing damage. Instead, consider light hanging clips that hang on your gutters. They safely hold your lights in place, and you can reuse them year after year.

Other Decorations that Could Damage Your Roof

Lights aren’t the only decorations that can cause roof damage. Your Houston roofing company also warns against placing statues or inflatables on top of your roof. These decorations add extra weight, which can damage your roof’s sheathing. Also, wind can drag improperly fastened decorations on your roof and damage or remove your shingles.

Another common issue we see is hanging decorations from your gutters. While a few lights are typically light enough to hang, larger decorations can weigh down and damage your gutters. Often times, this results in needing gutter repair or replacement for your home.

While You’re Already on the Ladder…

Putting up your holiday decorations is also a great time to kill two birds with one stone. While you’ve got the ladder out and are already looking up at your roof, it may be the perfect time to do a quick roof inspection. Double check for missing shingles or other issues that may need repair or Houston roof replacement. If you do notice any signs of roof damage, call your Houston roofing company for an inspection before hanging those decorations.

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