4 Signs You’re Due for Katy Roof Replacement

Sometimes it is difficult for homeowners to decide whether they need roof repair or Katy roof replacement. Many roofing issues can be repaired, but there are some signs that your home needs a replacement instead. One thing to consider any time you experience problems with your roof is the age and expected lifespan. Additionally, there are some specific indications that you may need Katy roof replacement services.

Curled Shingles Signal the Need for Katy Roof Replacement

Curling signifies that your shingles are losing their weather proofing abilities. Additionally, they may be more prone to blowing off in windy weather. Talk to your Katy roofing contractor about a roof replacement if you notice this issue with your shingles. Curled shingles can take two forms:

  • Cupped Shingles: Shingle cupping is where the edges of the shingle curl upward and the middle remains flat
  • Clawed Shingles: Shingle clawing occurs when the edges of the shingle remain flat, but the middle of the shingle raises up

Either of these issues show that your roof may need Katy residential roofing replacement. Curled shingles may inadequately protect and insulate your home. Therefore, talk to your roof contractor to see if they recommend a roofing replacement for your house.

Missing Granules May Need Katy Residential Roofing Replacement

Another sign that it’s time to replace your Katy roof is if you notice missing granules. Typically, homeowners will find granules in their gutters when this problem arises. Missing granules means that your roof is losing its weather proofing abilities, as they help keep the sun off your asphalt roof. However, if you recently had a Katy roof replacement, it is common to find granules for a short period of time after your new roof is installed. Otherwise, missing granules indicate that your roof is nearing the end of its expected lifespan.

Roof Replacement for Missing Shingles

Your Katy roofing contractor can replace individual shingles on your roof. However, oftentimes it’s difficult to find an exact color match. Over time, frequent shingle replacement can lead to your roof looking like a patchwork pattern, which may make your home look less attractive. If you need frequent shingle replacement, it may be time to consider Katy roof replacement to maintain your curb appeal.

High Energy Costs are a Symptom of a Worn Roof

While high energy costs can be caused by quite a few things, if your bills increase and you notice any of these other symptoms, it’s likely due to your roof. If your roof develops poor ventilation or insulation near the end of its lifespan, it can significantly increase your heating and cooling costs. If this is the case, a Katy roof replacement can save you in the long-run, as proper ventilation and insulation will help reduce your energy bills.

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