3 Signs You Need Help From Your Friendswood Roof Repair Company

The roof of your home or business is an important feature that contributes to curb appeal and protects the building from heat, moisture, pests and intruders. Roofs are often forgotten until major problems occur. You can keep the roof of your Friendswood home or business in good shape by inspecting it twice a year. Friendswood roof repair experts undertake roof inspections, repairs and maintenance to keep your roof secure and in good shape. Pay attention to three major signs that show your roof needs attention.


If you notice leaks inside your home or business, it is important to identify the source as soon as possible. Roof leaks can cause serious damage to the building shell, insulation, wiring, plumbing and furnishings. If insulation is damaged, it ceases to function as it was designed, resulting in increased heating and air conditioning costs. In addition, wet insulation provides the perfect environment for mold, termites and other pests to thrive.

Leaks occur for a number of reasons, including missing tiles or shingles, improper installation, water seepage from clogged drainage systems or damage from vermin. Moisture can damage important elements of the roof structure. If you have a wooden roof, you may not be aware that components have rotted or weakened until extensive damage has occurred.

If you notice water spots on the ceilings or walls of your home or business, call a Friendswood roof repair company. They have professional experience in all aspects of roof installation, repair and replacement, evaluating the roof condition, identifying where leaks occur and making repairs.

Damaged Shingles, Tiles or Flashing

In the Houston area, weather is a major cause of roof damage. Wind and rain erode shingles. Extreme weather can even lift them off the roof. Tree limbs can crack tiles and damage flashing. Birds and other pests often nest in crevices, which weakens shingles and the roof deck.

You can examine the surface of your roof from the ground using binoculars. However, Friendswood roof repair professionals climb up on the roof for a thorough inspection. They also evaluate the condition of the roof from the attic.


Making repairs as they arise saves money and will extend the life of your roof. However, no matter how well you take care of your roof, eventually time will take its toll. If you need new roof, call the Friendswood roof replacement experts at Paramount Roofing.

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