Spring, Texas Roofing Contractor for Roof Repairs

Roofing materials and winter weather in Texas don’t get along. It is a good idea to inspect your roof at the end of each season to be sure it withstood the rigors of the elements. Learn a bit more about the damage seasonal elements can do to your roof and if you see any of the following symptoms of roof damage, call Paramount Roofing. We are a Spring TX roofing contractor with many of years of experience dealing with the effects of Houston’s weather extremes and Spring roof repairs. If you notice any of the below mentioned roof issues, call Paramount Roofing and let’s get started on your roof repairs soon:

  • Moist attic insulation means that water is penetrating your roof. One way might be through missing or buckled shingles.
  • While you check the roof for bad shingles, glance at the nails holding them in place. Protruding nails can be a starting point for leaks.
  • If sunlight is visible in your attic, water can be getting through the roof.
  • Water spots on the ceiling interior are a sure sign that you need a Spring TX roof repair to fix the leak immediately.
  • A concentration of shingle granules in your gutters means that your shingles are getting old and losing their ability to protect your home.
  • Algae is a sign that water is pooling on the roof and might be damaging the decking.
  • Damage or wear around your chimney, vents or pipes will permit water to seep into your home.

If you notice one or several of these problems, you might need a Spring TX roof replacement. The cost of replacing a roof is based on slope, size and the materials you select for the new roof. Steeper roofs are more costly to replace.

  • Asphalt shingles are the least expensive and most popular option for a new roof. They typically last for up to 30 years.
  • Wood shake shingles made from cedar or pine look great and protect well against hail or inclement weather.
  • Clay tiles come in a variety of colors and accentuate the beauty of any home. They are a more expensive option, but are worth the investment for their looks and longevity.
  • Slate shingles will give your home a stately appearance. That is why they are so widely used on buildings, such as libraries, city halls and courthouses. They are known to last for a century and can be easily repaired if they are damaged.
  • The Spring TX roofing company professionals at Paramount Roofing have the expertise to install durable steel roofs on homes, barns and outbuildings.

A frequently disregarded part of some residential roofing systems are the gutters. Debris clogs can cause overflows that will soak the ground around your foundation and could cause damage. Paramount Roofing can install gutters or will clean out your gutters and install leaf guards to prevent clogs.

The owner of Paramount Roofing will personally visit your home to give your roof a free examination and price quote with no obligation to you. Do not take a chance with your greatest investment. Contact us right away if you suspect your roof needs to be repaired or replaced at 713-748-4000 or use our convenient website form.