The Woodlands Roof Replacement: What if it Rains?

If you need The Woodlands roof replacement, you’re likely looking to schedule roofing services during a convenient time. However, don’t forget to check the weather forecast before deciding on a date. Wet conditions may affect roofing services. Poor weather can cause major problems for your roofing project. Therefore, you want to choose a day where the forecast is for dry conditions for the best results.

Can I Schedule The Woodlands Roof Replacement During Rainy Weather?

So, why check the weather forecast for when you want your The Woodlands roof replacement to take place? It’s important to determine if we’re in for rainy weather. A common question we’re asked is whether we can replace roofs in the rain. The short answer is no. We don’t recommend roof replacements in the rain for several reasons, the main being the damage that could occur to your home. Therefore, it’s best to pick a day where we expect dry weather in The Woodlands. However, we know rain can happen unexpectedly some times. If this happens, we’ll protect your home and any work we’ve completed with heavy duty tarps.

Dangers of Installing a Roof in the Rain

There are several reasons our The Woodlands residential roofing professionals prefer dry conditions for your roof replacement. First, rain makes things slippery, which can put our roofers at a higher risk for accidents. Also, water can get under the shingles. This can negatively impact your The Woodlands roof replacement. Shingles may not adhere to wet materials on a rainy day. This means you risk dealing with shingle replacement or even more complex repairs. Also, water can get under the shingles and into the roof decking. This can cause water damage to the decking or even lead to mold growth between the shingles and decking.

Another important reason to wait for good conditions for your The Woodlands roof replacement is that they may affect the manufacturer warranty for your roofing materials. Most shingle manufacturers and other roofing material manufacturers offer a warranty. However, this warranty depends on making sure that the roof is installed correctly. Part of this means choosing experienced, trained The Woodlands residential roofing professionals. The other is making sure that moisture doesn’t seep into the materials during replacement. Installing a new roof on a rainy day may void these important warranties. Instead, we’ll work with you to schedule your roof replacement for a day that works for your schedule and also offers perfect weather conditions.

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