The Advantages of Roof Replacement Instead of Reroofing

Age, decay, leaks and other roof problems need to be addressed right away before they lead to damage in other parts of your home. Placing new roofing material over the top of the existing shingles may seem like tempting low-cost option, but often the best approach is to tear off the existing roof and replace it completely. Although a new roof costs more than reroofing, the advantages of starting fresh with a Houston roof replacement make it a worthwhile, long-term investment.

Fixes Underlying Problems
Reroofing instead of replacing your roof can mask instabilities in the structure underneath the shingles. Without knowing if there is damage to the underlayment or roof deck, you cannot be sure you are actually fixing what is wrong. Excessive moisture, destructive insects and rot can all compromise structural integrity. A Sugar Land roof replacement corrects every problem and ensures that your roof remains sound long into the future.

Provides Better Protection
Old shingles can be wavy or bumpy and therefore cannot offer the even surface necessary to maintain a tight seal when new shingles are laid over the existing shingles. Replacing the entire roof creates a solid base that allows shingles to lie flat. Securely placed shingles prevent leaks and are less likely to blow away in the event of high winds. Also, some shingle manufacturers will not honor their warranty if their shingles are used for reroofing.

Improves Safety
A leaking roof can cause serious problems inside your home. As water travels down into the ceiling and walls, it creates areas of moisture that can cause bulging, buckling or cracking. These same areas become prime real estate for mold and mildew, which can aggravate allergy symptoms or even pose a serious health threat depending on the type of mold or mildew. Installing a new roof eliminates leaks and protects the house from developing these problems. A sound structure is not only healthier for you and your family but also more attractive to potential buyers when you do sell your home.

Updates Style
Another good selling point of new roofing is that it instantly gives your house more “curb appeal.” There are a multitude of different shingle styles that can make your home look sleek and modern or picturesque and rugged. Choose roofing that complements the surrounding natural landscape and reflects your personal design style. This may seem like a purely cosmetic benefit, but an eye-catching exterior is essential for your house to make a good first impression on buyers.

Saves Energy
When you invest in a new roof, you can choose “greener” materials that keep your home cooler in the summer and warm in the winter. Properly laid roof decking and underlayment creates a snug foundation for the shingles, which in turn prevents extreme indoor temperature fluctuations. You will enjoy a more comfortable home and lower energy bills all year long.

Offers Warranty Protection
Professional Katy roof replacement from Paramount Roofing comes with a warranty that covers potential problems for many years. Should your roof suffer damage during the warranty period, you will have peace of mind knowing that the cost of repairs is covered. This helps offset the original price of roof installation. Plus, with a roof over your head that is guaranteed to be sound, you do not have to worry about serious leaks developing during bad weather and destroying your belongings. You can rely on us to fix any issues.

Paramount Roofing provides high-quality roof repair and replacement services in Houston and the surrounding areas. Call Paramount today to talk to one of our roofing experts and get a free estimate for a Houston roof replacement. Our careful step-by-step procedures use the best materials for your home to ensure an attractive roof installation that lasts through even the most unpredictable Texas weather.