Storm Damage Insurance Claim Tips for a Houston Roof Replacement

It is not very pleasant to discover that your roof has been damaged by a storm, hail or fallen debris. The good news is that repairing your roof is probably covered by your homeowner’s insurance. The bad news is that you might have to jump through several hoops before your claim is approved. If you find that you need to have a Houston roof replacement, Paramount Roofing suggests that you follow these tips to help you successfully navigate the somewhat complex process that awaits you.

1. After a storm, check your roof for damage immediately. You can usually see damage to your roof from the ground, but you might want to use a ladder for a closer inspection. If you think that your roof is damaged, call a Houston residential roofing company right away to schedule an inspection. What may appear to be only minor damage could be more extensive than you suspect. It takes a trained roofing specialist to recognize the signs of internal damage. Your insurance policy may stipulate that you need to file a roof repair or replacement insurance claim within a certain amount of time so that you can be covered for the repair or replacement.

2. Take photos to prove that your roof has been damaged. A Houston roofing company knows how to examine a roof for hidden problems. The company’s inspector will also take photos of the damage and provide a written notice of the extent of the damage and the estimated cost to repair it. Sometimes, the damage may not be extensive enough to justify an insurance claim. In that case, your roofing contractor will formulate a plan to repair your roof so that you can afford it. If you do have a costly claim, your insurance company will want proof of the damage, including measurements and the date and time of the event that caused the problem.

It is wise to take photos of your roof regularly. That will make it simpler to prove that damage occurred. Make sure the photos are clear. If your roof is damaged, get photos of the problem area or areas from various angles that convincingly show the extent of the damage. These photos will bolster your case for an insurance claim. Having a series of photos from before the damage happened will make it easier to show the effects of a storm. They will prove that your roof was in good condition prior to the storm and that the damage was caused by that particular weather event.

3. Call your insurance company as soon as possible, and go over exactly what your policy covers. Delaying this can void your claim. Check your policy to see how long you have to report damages and to file a claim. The policy will also detail what kind of damage is covered and what is not included. If your roof is older than 10 years, for example, the policy may only cover a portion of the repair’s cost. This would factor in the depreciated value of your roof. Your insurance company will most likely send an insurance adjuster to verify your claim.

4. Only hire a roofing contractor with experience handling insurance claims. Check references, and be sure the company is insured and licensed. Paramount Roofing will help you to receive the largest possible settlement to repair or replace your roof.

Paramount Roofing knows how important it is to accurately follow the steps required by your insurance company in a timely manner. We have been handling insurance claims for more than two decades. Give us a call at 713-748-4000, and we will inspect your roof and help with the process of filing your insurance claim.