Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Roof

Your home is a major investment, and the roof protects the building and those who live in it. In addition, a roof contributes to the street appeal of your home. Keeping the roof of your Houston, Texas, home in good condition starts with inspecting it periodically and keeping it clean. Ignoring roof maintenance can result in leaks, loose tiles or shingles and damage to the support structure. If your roof needs professional attention, Paramount Roofing Inc. of Houston offers Friendswood roof repair, replacement and maintenance to protect your home from damage.

By adding roof cleaning to your spring cleaning activities, you can extend the life of your roof, maintain its appearance and reduce the need for repairs.

Clean Gutters

After a winter of wind, moisture and cold, the gutters are probably full of leaves, twigs and dirt. Gutters direct water from the roof through downspouts to the ground. Dirty gutters allow moisture to back up, which can saturate the roof. Eventually, this moisture will seep into your house. In addition, clogged gutters make attractive homes for rodents and insects. As spring rains fall, clean gutters ensure that water will be expelled from your roof, protecting your home from moisture.

Examine the Roof Inside and Out

As you prepare your roof for spring, examine both the outside and inside. There is no need to climb onto your roof to inspect it. A pair of binoculars can tell you everything you need to know.

Scan the roof for signs of damage, such as sagging gutters, buckled flashing, rotting wood or loose, damaged or missing shingles or tiles. If shingles have lost grit or texture, they are not doing their job. Look for clusters of leaves, moss or algae on the roof. Leaves and vegetation hold water, which can allow moisture to penetrate through the roof into areas below.

After inspecting the outside, inspect the underside of the roof from the attic. Look for rotted timber, water spots or other signs of damage. If you find damaged areas, contact an experienced Friendswood roofing company to conduct a thorough inspection. Prompt attention to problems can make the difference between repairing portions of a roof and having to replace an entire roof.

Trim Vegetation

Although trees provide shade and add to the appearance of a property, they should not touch the roof. Branches can scratch or damage the roof’s surface. Keep vegetation trimmed so that it does not touch your roof.

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