Rubber Roofs From Your Houston Roofing Company

Commercial rubber roofs, also known as EPDM roofs, are a great solution for your industrial or commercial building. Talk to your Houston roofing company about installing this inexpensive, low-maintenance, and durable roofing option. Also learn about the many advantages to installing a rubber Houston roof replacement for your commercial building.

Rubber Roofs are Inexpensive

Probably one of the most alluring benefits of EPDM roofing is that it is inexpensive. Compared to many other roofing materials, a rubber roof is typically less expensive to install, maintain, and repair. Additionally, they generally endure fewer damages during their lifespans, which means you’ll need fewer roof repair services for your rubber roof. Therefore, this is often the best option for your commercial roof.

Your Houston Roofing Company Can Install, Maintain, and Repair Rubber Roofing More Easily

In addition to being cost-effective, rubber commercial roofing is fast and easy to install, which means your Houston roofing company can replace your roof more quickly than other types of materials. As rubber is so lightweight, your roofing team can often install it more efficiently.

EPDM roofing often requires significantly fewer, if any, maintenance services during its lifespan. Therefore, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance roofing option, consider rubber for your roof. Rubber roofing is also easier to repair than other types of roofs. Generally, your Houston roofing company can repair your EPDM roof with just a tube of liquid rubber, which makes repair services efficient and inexpensive.

Rubber Roofing is Durable

Finally, one of the main benefits of an EPDM roof for your commercial building is that it is durable. Rubber is a fire-resistant material, which makes it great for industrial buildings and other buildings that may be at a higher risk for fires. In many cases, your Houston roofing company can also install your rubber roofing in one piece, which means there are fewer seams for water to leak through compared to other roofing options.

Commercial rubber roofs can last fifty or more years and can resist many types of inclement weather. For example, an EPDM roof can easily endure high winds and hail up to three inches in diameter, which makes it great for the Houston area. Because it is so durable, rubber roofing can be particularly attractive for commercial buildings. So, talk to your Houston roofing company about whether a rubber roof is the best choice for you.

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