Preparing for Friendswood Roof Replacement

When you need Friendswood roof replacement services, you may be wondering what you should do before your roofing contractors arrive. A few steps will help you prepare for the work on your roof. This will help your Friendswood roof replacement go more smoothly. Here are four things you can do to prepare for your roof replacement.

Cut Your Grass Before Friendswood Roof Replacement Services

A day or so before your roofers arrive, cut your grass to a short length. This will help your Friendswood roof replacement contractors find debris easier and can help during the cleanup and nail removal process. Shorter grass makes it easier to see nails, shingles, and other roofing materials that may fall during your roof replacement.

Cover Items in Your Attic

Also, before your roofers begin work on your roof, it’s best to cover any items your attic. Your roofing contractors will be walking and hammering on your roof to complete your Friendswood roof replacement. The vibration from these activities can cause dust and small debris to fall on your items. For valuable or hard to clean items, you may choose to remove them from your attic entirely until work is finished on your roof. Other items should be fine to cover with sheets or similar materials to prevent dust settling on your belongings. Additionally, as you start this process, you may choose to remove any items hanging on the walls to protect them from the vibrations from your roof replacement.

Move Your Vehicles During Your Friendswood Roof Replacement

To complete work on your roof replacement, roofers need access to a lot of equipment and materials. Parking down the street helps give your roofing company quick access to the items they need for your roof. This will also help ensure they have plenty of space to set tools and materials they need to complete your project.

Make Your Children and Pets Safe

Both children and pets may be bothered by the loud noises during your roofing project. Additionally, kids and pets may be in danger playing outside while your roofers work. It’s best to keep kids and pets inside in a quiet part of your house while your roofing contractors replace your roof. Many people also choose to arrange for their children and pets to stay with friends or family while their Houston residential roofing specialists put on their new roof.

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