How to Choose the Right Roof Color for Your Home

Roofs do more than protect a building and its occupants. The shape, color and texture of a roof add to the building’s architectural appeal. In addition, the roof and exterior give the first impression of a home. Paramount Roofing, a Houston roof repair company, offers a wide assortment of roofing materials in attractive colors that enhance the appearance of your home or business. Consider a few tips to help you select a color and material that will stand up to the Houston climate and complement your property.

Coordinate Roof Color and Pattern with the Exterior

If your Friendswood home is brick or stone, try to balance the colors in the facing with a roof color and pattern that complements the façade. Beige, brown, green, gray and blue work well with brick and stone. If the facing is patterned, a multi-colored roof might clash. If you want a patterned roof, pick colors and a tile size that work with the colors and size of material in the facing. Take shingle samples home to hold up next to the exterior. Look at them at different times of day. Colors may look different as light changes.

If your home’s exterior is wood, vinyl or another medium that can be painted, choose a color that will pleasantly contrast with the color of the paint. Neutrals, such as gray, brown and blue, work with almost any color. You may decide to change the color of the siding before you change your roof again, so consult the Friendswood roof repair experts at Paramount Roofing to help you make a selection.

Consider the Climate

Houston’s climate can affect the performance of your roof. The hot summer sun beating down on a dark roof can result in roof temperatures soaring higher than 150 degrees F. This heat penetrates into the living space below, straining the air conditioner to keep the interior comfortable. Cool roof colors reflect solar heat, reducing indoor temperatures and saving energy.

Paramount Roofing, a Houston roofing company with more than 20 years of experience in the area, offers several types of roofs and treatments that work well in the Houston climate. We can recommend colors and coatings that complement the exterior design of your home, delay mold growth and hold up in both hot and cold weather.

Look at Your Neighborhood

As you explore ideas for a new roof, look at your neighborhood. If your neighbor’s roofs are red tile, slate or wood, you want to select a color and material that blends in with the style of the community. In addition, some neighborhood associations have regulations about how residential exteriors must look. Your Houston roof repair company can help you select a color that works with the architectural style of your home and meets the requirements of your subdivision.

For more information about selecting an attractive color for your new roof, call your local Houston roof repair company, Paramount Roofing, at (713) 748-4000. We will inspect your roof and provide a free estimate.