Houston Roof Repair for Leaks

If anyone has allergy problems while inside a home, this blog is a ‘must read’ . Many homeowners will blame a pet for their allergen issues when, in fact, there’s a different kind of allergen growing in their home. Mold could be taking over a home without any of the home’s inhabitants knowing. Roof leaks, plumbing issues, and clogged gutters are the worst offenders when it comes to allowing mold into a home. Luckily, there are ways to prevent mold from forcing its way into a home or building.

Gutter Clean-Outs

This little task is one that most people forget to take care of periodically. Decaying leaves mixed with water turns into a moldy mess, which easily spreads and seeps into cracks. While a gutter clean out isn’t a difficult task for a homeowner to perform, it’s highly recommended that a Houston roofing professional does the job. Not only will a company, such as Paramount Roofing, clean the gutters, but they’ll also check for any structural integrity issues and places that need to be resealed.

Check the Air Vents

An HVAC repair company can do a thorough check through all A/C units and change out air filters if needed. If water makes it into the air ventilation system, there will most definitely be allergens floating around. If it gets that
far into the home, more repairs and cleaning will be required to remove all of the mold.

Evaluate the Rooftop

While the roofer is out cleaning gutters, ask him to check the roof itself for any mold growth. Mold growth on the outside could indicate a mold problem on the inside. Even if mold has not yet been swept into the inside of the home, le
aving it to sit on the outside is like a ticking time bomb. It will eventually seep in. Ask the roofer to clean off any mold and check for reasons why the hold might be growing.Let Your Attic Breathe

A house is, essentially, a living, breathing thing. It takes air in and pushes it out. To keep a healthy home, one must have proper ventilation installed. Improper ventilation will breed mold. Proper ventilation, on the other hand, keeps mold from spreading by keeping a steady flow of air moving in small, dark spaces.

Treat the Lumber

In the instance that mold is found, a check of the wooden structure of the home is a must. If there is even a slight possibility of mold taking up residence in the wood, a diluted bleach solution is needed to kill off said bacteria. This will also sterilize the wood. If the wood is rotten from moldy, wet conditions, it’s imperative that the wood be replaced. Not replacing damaged pieces greatly hinders the integrity of the structure of the house.
Scheduling regular maintenance appointments with a Houston roofing company will prevent mold damage from taking over. For questions regarding the steps to take when mold is found by the homeowner, call Paramount roofing help.