Houston Gutter Clean Out

Houston Gutter Clean OutA Houston gutter clean out removes all the debris that has collected in your gutters. It does not take long for leaves and twigs to build up and block water flow. In the winter, this can cause ice dams to form. In the summer, during heavy rains, your gutters will overflow. In both cases, the water that your gutter was meant to channel to the downspouts and away from your home ends up spilling over the gutters.

This spilled water can cause water damage to your roof and fascia and leak into your home. It can erode the soil around your foundation, which will expose it to more damage. The overflow will eventually pull your gutters loose. Water that pools in them will rot wood and rust gutters made from sheet-metal. Pooled water will also rust hardware that supports your gutters.

Gutter clean-outs are recommended twice a year in spring and fall. If your gutters are rusted or falling off your home, you need to have them replaced or repaired. A Houston gutter installation is one of our specialties at Paramount Roofing. We can install new gutters for your home or business quickly and expertly.

One way to keep your gutters clean is to have a leaf guard installed. Leaf guards cover the gutter. They allow water to enter and prevent leaves and other debris from accumulating. They will save you money in the long run because you will not have to pay to have your gutters cleaned twice a year.

Why You Should Hire a Pro to Clean Your Gutters?

It is always best to hire a professional to do any task that requires a ladder. You will need to wear heavy-duty rubber gloves so your hands are not stabbed by thorns, twigs or gutter screws if you attempt to do job this yourself. If poison ivy leaves are in your gutter, the wet sludge you will be scooping out will be full of plant oil that can causes allergic reactions. If you do not get along well with poison ivy, oak or sumac, it is a very good idea to let a pro handle your gutter clean-out.

Ladders can be dangerous. If your gutters are plugged and spilling, the ground around your home is likely to be soft and spongy. You will have a hard time finding stable ground to position your ladder so that it has a firm footing. It is also easy to lean too far and have the ladder slide along the gutter causing you to fall. With all the things that can go wrong on this type of project, it is best to leave the messy work to the pros.

Call Paramount Roofing at 713-748-4000 for a free estimate on a Houston gutter clean-out. If you need new gutters, we will inspect your roof and eaves during the gutter installation to make sure there is no water damaged or wood rot.

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