Granule Technology For Energy Star Cool Roofing

Cool roof technologies offer major benefits for property owners in hot climates. One of the most advanced and cost-effective methods of implementing this new technology is through the installation of reflective roofing granules, which are applied directly to asphalt shingles to provide added energy efficiency. If a Houston roof replacement project is in your near future, considering these ENERGY STAR rated solutions can ensure the highest degree of comfort and the lowest utility bills next summer and for years to come.

How Reflective Roof Technologies Work

A number of cool roof technologies have been developed in recent years, but most are based on the same simple principles:

  • Cool roof materials reflect light rather than absorbing it, reducing the amount of radiant heat that reaches the interior of buildings through the roof.
  • Reflective materials, paints and coatings are often used to provide the most effective protection against the infrared rays of the sun.
  • Certain coatings used on cool roofing materials have insulating properties that can help to block heat from entering homes and businesses.

Reflective granules are often integrated into traditional asphalt shingles to provide a cost-effective solution for builders and homeowners interested in achieving lower utility bills and in increased indoor comfort. When sunlight hits these shingles, it is scattered and directed away from the roof to reduce heat buildup in attics. Roofing products that incorporate reflective granules offer a number of real benefits for those contemplating a Houston or Cypress, TX, roof replacement project.

Advantages of Reflective Granule Roofing

Because reflective granule asphalt shingles can generally be installed in much the same way as traditional shingles, they do not require added labor or special skills. Additionally, these advanced solutions may cost about the same as their traditional counterparts, making it even more appealing from a budget standpoint. Incorporating ENERGY STAR cool roofing materials into a planned project can also provide these important advantages:

  • Lower utility costs, especially during the summer months
  • Reduced consumption of fossil fuels and increased environmental responsibility
  • Improved durability compared with traditional roofing materials
  • Decreased contribution to urban heat bubbles that can have significant effects on the environment and on weather patterns in the area

For property owners in The Woodlands, roof replacement may be a daunting financial prospect. The relative affordability of reflective granule asphalt roofing solutions may make them a preferred choice among budget-conscious builders and home owners for renovations and new home construction projects.

Opting for ENERGY STAR

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administers the ENERGY STAR program and provides recommendations on products that meet high standards for energy efficiency and climate protection. ENERGY STAR qualified roofing materials are designed specifically to reduce the amount of heat transferred into buildings and to lower utility costs, especially during periods of peak cooling demand. These products are ranked according to two primary factors:

  • Initial solar reflectance
  • Initial emissivity

Higher ratings in these ranking elements are considered better in terms of energy efficiency and indoor comfort. By opting for products recommended by ENERGY STAR, homeowners can ensure the best and most cost-effective results from their roofing projects.

Working with a firm that specializes in Houston roof replacement and repair can provide added information regarding the advantages of each available material. The expert technicians at Paramount Roofing have more than 20 years of experience in the residential roofing industry and can provide the professional guidance needed to help you enjoy a green-friendly roof and lower utility bills during the hot and humid summers typical of Houston, Sugar Land, The Woodlands and Cypress, Texas. Give us a call at 713-748-4000 or stop by our Houston offices to discuss your project with one of our professional roofing staff. We look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs.