Common Causes of Houston Residential Roofing Failure

Even the best roof has a life expectancy. Frequently, roofs fail before they should. There are several reasons why your roof might break down before its expected lifespan. Because it is a major component of your home and protects your family and possessions, it is important to have a Houston residential roofing professional handle any repair or replacement as soon as possible.

Poor design or installation by an inexperienced or irresponsible Houston roofing contractor is one cause of premature roof failure. Even the best roofing materials have to be installed properly. If they are put on hastily or incorrectly, they will not last as long as they should.

For example, if a Houston roof replacement is installed over a wet substrate or other damp components, water vapor is locked beneath the roof’s surface. The blazing sun in our area heats the humid air, which expands and slowly forces the shingles to blister. The blisters look like slender, long bubbles on your roof. Blisters will shorten your roof’s lifespan dramatically. If they burst, water has a direct path to the inside of your building.

  • If your roofing contractor uses cheap materials for the edging, sealant or leak barriers, it will cost you in the long run. An estimate that is too low could indicate that substandard materials will be used. It costs more to replace your roof twice.
  • Another way a roofing company may leave your home vulnerable is by improperly installing the flashing. A skylight, chimney or wall should have a combination of step flashing and counter flashing. Caulk or sealant alone is inadequate for robust protection. A little extra labor is necessary to do the job correctly.
  • Damage is an obvious reason for roof failure. Any sort of problem must be addressed immediately by an experienced roofing company. Damage from hail or fallen tree branches can be repaired before it leads to more serious problems. Inconsiderate people working on top of your roof might puncture the shingles.
  • Another cause of roof failure is neglect. To extend your roof’s lifespan, you need to have it inspected regularly. If possible, remove any debris from the surface. Make it a point to clean your gutters twice a year. If they get clogged by leaves, water could seep into your fascia and spill onto the ground causing harm to your house’s foundation. Take a look in your attic for leaks, pests or any symptoms of a roof problem.

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