Best Time of the Year to Get Your Roof Replaced

Does your home need a new roof? Did you purchase a house that should have the roof replaced, but you are not sure when you should have it done? There are several reasons why any Houston roof replacement company will tell you that autumn is the best time of year to replace your roof.

Investors and homeowners understand this. That is why you see so many roofs being replaced between September and November. That is also why you need to schedule a Houston roofing company well in advance.

Why autumn is the best season to have your roof replaced:

  • The extremes of summer weather in the Houston area can torment your roof. This is especially true if it has already suffered through many years of thunderstorms, brutal sunshine, pounding hail and high winds. It is always better to have your roof replaced before it becomes an emergency. At the end of summer, examine your roof for missing shingles or other obvious signs of damage, such as broken slates or missing granules on asphalt shingles. If you are still not certain whether you need a new roof, call us to have it inspected.
  • You need to have the new shingles tightly sealed before wintry weather strikes. Then, you can be sure you have an airtight barrier against sleet, ice storms or heavy snowfall. This will not only protect your home better, it will extend the life of your roof.
  • Autumn weather and roof replacement go together like peanut butter and jelly. Fall temperatures are ideal, especially if you are having asphalt shingles installed. The warmth of the sun will encourage the shingles to adhere properly, which provides the best seal. The roofers will also not be sweating through uncomfortable temperatures. During the summer, many roofers start at dawn and stop working around lunchtime to avoid the heat. In fall, the workers can put in more hours because the temperature is mild and the days are still long. Usually, a roof can be replaced in one or two days in the fall.
  • If you wait until spring to have your roof replaced, any defects will only worsen through the winter. Additionally, any heavy accumulation of snow of ice could wreak havoc on your home. A small leak could get bigger and cause damage to ceilings or rafters.
  • Shingles are easier to handle during the fall. In the winter, they are brittle and break more easily while they are being fastened. Brittle shingles must be hand nailed, which takes more time than using a nail gun. Shingle manufacturers advise roofing companies to install them when the temperature is at least 26 degrees.
  • Because winter is traditionally a Houston roof repair company’s slow season, many of them lay off their workers and take a vacation. Roofers do not like to be on top of a building while the winter winds swirl around them. It is dangerous and very unpleasant.
  • If you replace your roof during the fall, your home will be warm, cozy and dry throughout the holiday season. Your heating bills will be lower, especially if your HVAC system is located in your attic. A new roof will enable it to run at the peak of its effectiveness so that in the coming summer, your air conditioning costs will be lower.

Now is the time to give Paramount Roofing a call at 713-748-4000 for a free examination of your roof and a no-obligation estimate. If you need to have your roof replaced, we can schedule the job on the spot. Do not wait for an emergency to occur. Take advantage of all the benefits of replacing your roof in autumn.