Roof Replacement and Roof Repair Contractor in Humble, Texas

Everything in your home or office building is protected by the roof. To make sure the structure and your possessions remain safe and in good condition, you should have the Humble roofing company experts at Paramount Roofing examine your roof regularly. Decades of experience and a highly skilled staff give Paramount Roofing the edge when you are looking for a qualified Humble roofing contractor to provide repairs, roof replacement and seasonal inspections.

If you suspect that your roof may have seen better days, it is easy to perform a quick check. Any of the following conditions is a warning sign that you need to have a professional look at your roof. You should contact a Humble residential roofing company if you notice these symptoms.

  • Your attic insulation should be dry. If it is damp, your roof is probably leaking.
  • If you can see light through your attic’s ceiling, rain can enter your home.
  • Shingles that have buckled or curled will not protect your home.
  • Missing shingles will cause other issues if they are not replaced.
  • Algae on your roof is an indication that water has accumulated.
  • If your ceiling has watermarks, your roof is leaking.

When the problem is caught soon enough, it can be solved with a Humble roof repair. However, if the problem has spread and caused further damage, you may need to have your roof replaced.

Costs can fluctuate when you are having a Humble roof replacement. The price of a new roof depends on how big your roof is, the kind of roof that is being replaced and the materials you choose for the replacement. A roof with a steep slope costs more to repair or replace. The type and durability of the new roofing components affects replacement costs.

  • Wooden shake shingles show off the beauty of your home. Cedar and pine shingles have a long lifespan and are a decorative roofing option.
  • Asphalt shingles are the lowest price choice and can last 20 to 30 years.
  • Beautiful, colorful clay tiles can protect your home for half a century. They really add to the building’s appearance.
  • Slate tiles have been known to last over 100 years. That is why they are used on government buildings and large, costly homes. You can also buy imitation slate tiles made from rubber, but they will not last as long as real slate.

Your gutter system is as important as your roof. If the gutters are clogged, water will pool and could freeze in the winter. That can make the gutter break loose from the roofing structure. When that occurs, water pours onto the ground and can leak into the eaves. Your gutters should be checked and flushed out regularly.

Never assume that your roof is protecting your home adequately. Paramount Roofing offers a no-cost examination and estimate by our owner. Contact us at 713-748-400 to schedule an appointment.