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Do you have to clean out your gutters more than you would like to? Is your home surrounded by trees that drop leaves other debris onto your roof? Does rainwater slosh out of your gutters instead of going down the downspout? If so, you should check into leaf guard installation for your gutters.

Nearly every home has rain gutters. These metal troughs are attached to the eaves of your roof to catch rain when it flows down your roof. The gutters collect the water, which is directed to the downspouts and finally onto splash pads that sit on the ground at the bottom of the downspouts.

This system prevents water from running down the fascia board, preventing damage to your roof and fascia. It keeps water from collecting on the ground near the foundation where it could cause damage to your foundation or seep into your home. It also prevents the water from pouring from your roof onto the ground so that it does not cause soil erosion.

A leaf guard, or gutter guard, performs one main function. It keeps debris of all types out of your gutters so that they will effectively gather and remove rainwater from your roof. Leaf guards reduce or eliminate the need for a Houston gutter clean out. They keep gutters clean and prevent any sort of debris dam from forming. Gutters perform an important task. Without them, rainwater could cause damage to your home.

Types of Leaf Guards

Leaf guards come in these six different configurations:

  • Bottle brush gutter guards use upright bristles to prevent leaves from landing in the gutter. The debris rests on top of the bristles until it is blown off the roof. The water is able to freely run into your clean gutters and out the downspouts.
  • Nylon gutter guards work very well during the winter to thwart the accumulation of ice or snow. They fit into your gutter without having to be attached to the shingles.
  • Mesh gutter guards are sheets filled with holes. They cover the gutter and are attached to your Houston roof Guards with small holes work better because they are more resistant to getting clogged. Smaller holes remove the debris but allow the water to flow into the gutter.
  • Non-gutter covers are direct replacements for your gutters. They consist of a set of thin louvers that divert rain off the roof.
  • Foam gutter guards are made from plastic. They fit directly into your gutter. They block the debris from the roof from entering the gutter and allow only the water to pass through.
  • The reverse curve system directs water downward into the gutter through a tiny slit but does not allow leaves to enter the gutter system.

If you avoid cleaning your Houston gutters, let Paramount Roofing recommend the best leaf guards for your home. Give us a call at 713-748-4000 to set up a time for our owner to give you a free estimate.

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