Energy Efficient Roof

Texas summers are very hot and your roof absorbs heat throughout the day. As your roof gets hotter, the temperature inside your home increases. This forces your air conditioning to work harder to keep the interior of your home comfortable. To offset the cost of the energy used to cool your home, the importance of an energy efficiency roof cannot be overlooked.

Paramount Roofing has the expertise to install a cool roof for you, or we can convert your current roof into a cool roof. We do this by retrofitting your roof with specialized heat-reflective material and cover the roof with a new waterproofing surface. The final step is retrofit your roof with a TechShield radiant barrier. These steps help to reduce the temperature in your attic and your home

Your cool roof will be made from materials that are designed to reflect sunlight, so they do not absorb as much heat as a standard roof. This can be accomplished by using super reflective paint, a reflective sheet covering or highly reflective shingles or tiles. A cool roof will drop the temperature inside your home considerably. Lower energy costs from the use of less power to keep your home comfortable during the hot, humid summer months helps to reduce your expenses and carbon footprint. Cool roofs also help keep garages and covered patios more comfortable.

As cool roofs become more common, power plants will have lower emissions and a decrease in demand for more, bigger generating stations. In fact, cool roofs can actually lower the air temperature and reduce or eliminate heat islands that develop within cities. Most southern homes and homeowners will benefit from a cool roof.

TechShield Radiant Barrier

Another way to make your roof energy efficient is to use TechShield. A radiant barrier can lower your attic’s temperature by blocking over 95 percent of the radiant heat in the roof panels. Using TechShields can also help you qualify for Green Building credits from the federal government. Nearly 2 million U.S. homes have TechShields radiant barriers installed.

Green Roofs

A green roof is a great solution for city buildings that have flat roofs. The roof can be covered with plants or even a garden. A green roof handles storm water well and creates a usable space for outdoor activities. Green roofs also insulate and prevent heat islands.

Energy-Efficient Materials

  • Metal roofing is a very efficient material that is strong and durable. It is fire and weather resistant. Metal roofs naturally reflect sunlight and heat.
  • Recycled shingles are the ultimate in energy efficiency. New, non-recycled shingles release volatile chemicals into the air when they get hot. Recycled shingles reduce waste and are good for the environment.
  • Sprayed on polyurethane foam roofing is used frequently on commercial buildings with flat roofs. The coating protects the building from the sun’s UV rays.
  • Tiled roofs are weather resistant and come in many shapes and sizes. They cool the home in summer by encouraging air flow on the surface of the roof.
  • Slate tile roofs have been known to last 100s of years.

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