What to Consider When Picking a Shingle Color for Your Roof

You may not realize it, but one of the most important features in the overall appearance of your home is your roof. Choosing the best color of roofing shingles guarantees that your home looks great and functions well in your climate and neighborhood. Plus, it is helpful to understand how to select the right shingles when you hire The Woodlands roofing contractor who will replace your roof, so you can collaborate together to find the perfect fit. You can base your choice on architectural style, energy efficiency or just maintaining the peace with your neighbors.

First, you want to consider the climate. The color of your roofing shingles can reduce your energy bills significantly since the temperature can vary by as much as 40 degrees. Lighter colored or white shingles will keep your home’s temperature lower. Darker shingles will absorb heat, which helps homes in colder climates retain their warmth. Dark shingles also help to melt snow and ice. Ask a professional at a The Woodlands roof replacement company what color they would recommend.

Next, you need to color coordinate your roof shingles with the rest of your home, including the siding, bricks, stucco or masonry. If your home is gray or blue, black or dark gray shingles look great. Brown or a blend of cream and brown will offset a tan, cream or brown home. For a traditional look, use black or dark gray on a white house. If your home is red, green or yellow, you have more flexibility. You can use black, brown or gray.

You must decide what kind of statement you want your home to make. Its value will increase if it has good curb appeal. Since your roof will last a long time, you want a color that will remain stylish for years to come. Neutral colors like black, gray, tan, cream and brown are good choices. For a trendier appearance, mix a blend of brown, blue, black or gray tones. The Woodlands roofing company you work with can highlight the features of your home with high-contrast colors. Lighter colored roofs make homes look larger, and darker colors make them look smaller.

Consider your neighborhood before you replace your roof. Check with your homeowners’ association to make certain that you are not violating any rules. Imagine how your new roof will look next to your neighbors’ homes. Avoid clashing colors. Only duplicate their homes if that is normal in your area.

Put an emphasis on the architectural style of your home. Spanish-style homes look nice with clay-colored roofing tiles. A combination of colors could look good on a casual ranch home, but it might look out-of-place on a traditional colonial home. Look around the neighborhood to see what colors might work for your home. In particular, look for homes with a similar style and color scheme.

Check out the different types of roofing materials you could use. Traditional red or tan clay tiles are always good. You can also find them in other colors if you prefer. Kiln-fired colors do not fade because the color is baked into the tiles. Concrete tiles can look like wood shakes, slate or clay tiles, and they are available in many colors. Slate has a beautiful, natural color, but it is more expensive. The long lines of sheet metal roofing can give your home a distinctive appearance. It is fire resistant, strong and energy efficient. Metal roofing can also look like composite shingles, clay tiles or wood shakes.

If it is time to replace your roof, contact Paramount Roofing at 713-748-4000. Our owner will come over to your house to talk about the various colors and types of roofs that will make your home look its best.