Things You Should Not Do to Your Spring TX Residential Roofing

Feeling empowered is always nice, but there are certain tasks that you should leave to a professional, especially when it comes to repairing or maintaining your roof. A Spring TX residential roofing company has the tools and the know-how to handle any issues correctly, which will avoid a problem or an added expense caused by a flawed do-it-yourself project. You are also less likely to injure yourself if you pass the task to a competent technician.

Roof Gutters

Your roof’s gutter system is designed to channel water away from your home so that it will not be damaged by sitting water or runoff. If your gutters are clogged, they cannot serve their purpose. Rainwater will spill from the sides of the gutters and pool alongside your foundation. That pooled water causes big problems over the course of time. Water may also collect and remain on top of your roof, which can wreak havoc on your shingles, decking and fascia. A Spring TX roof repair professional will safely and effectively clear your gutters of leaves, twigs, branches and any other type of debris that is prone to gather year around after a thunderstorm or heavy winds.

Power Washing

Never power wash your roof even if there is staining from an accumulation of lichen or moss. Although power washing is great for porches, sidewalks, driveways and siding, it is decidedly bad for roofs. The high-powered jets of water can damage your shingles and erode them to the point where they are unable to protect your home. Damaged shingles permit destructive elements to invade your roof’s protective layers, which will lead to leaks and internal damage. A Spring TX roofing company has better ways to deal with stained roofs.

Looking for Causes of Leaks

Never lift the shingles to search for leaks beneath them. Even if you find a leak, it is not very likely that you can repair it. It is, however, possible that you will make the problem worse. You might even start a new leak.

Installing Equipment

Avoid the urge to install a satellite dish or solar panels for two very good reasons. First of all, you might create small holes during the installation. Secondly, roofs are not a safe environment. They are slippery, and unless you have experience walking on a roof, it is better to stay off of them. You could also scrape the protective pebbles off the shingles.

The best way to avoid damaging your roof is to let Paramount Roofing take care of any regular maintenance or unforeseen problems. It is better to call us at 713-748-4000 than it is to climb onto the roof to try to tackle the problem or project on your own.