Six Advantages of Green Roofs for Office Buildings

As temperatures heat up, green roofing strategies are becoming more popular among business owners and building managers interested in achieving a higher level of environmental responsibility throughout their commercial holdings. Green roofs consist of vegetation planted in a layer of soil constructed on top of a waterproofing barrier. Plants used in green roofing installations may include small trees, shrubs and grasses; herb and flower gardens are also common choices for commercial buildings. Working with a qualified Houston roofing company can allow businesses to incorporate these green spaces into their existing buildings and developments. Here are six of the most important advantages of green roofing for companies in the Houston area.

Reduction of the Urban Heat Bubble

Perhaps the most important way in which green roofs can benefit the environment is the reduction of the heat island that surrounds most urban areas. By adding trees and green vegetation to otherwise unused roof space, building owners can reduce the heat buildup in urban areas. Replacing flat black roofs with green and verdant plantings can have a positive effect on air quality and temperatures in Houston and other large metropolitan centers.

Lower Costs for Climate Control

The insulating effects of green roof installations can significantly reduce climate control expenses for most commercial buildings. By intercepting and utilizing the sun’s rays, green plants can limit the amount of heat energy that is absorbed into roof materials. This can significantly improve the efficiency of existing heating and cooling systems and can allow companies to enjoy considerable savings over the course of an average Texas year.

Improved Aesthetics for Tenants and Guests

Rooftop gardens and green spaces can be a welcome retreat for staff members, tenants and guests to commercial properties. Some studies even indicate that relaxing in a natural environment can reduce stress levels and improve the health of those who spend a part of each day in these green spaces. By creating an aesthetically pleasing rooftop space, businesses can ensure the best use of available space for their tenants and their customers.

Opportunities for Community Outreach

Green roofs can also provide a valuable way to reach out to community members and to create positive buzz regarding various properties and corporate entities. By working with community organizations to create a shared garden space on the roof, businesses can often achieve an improved corporate reputation and increased good will among members of the general public.

Efficient Use of Water Resources

While water simply runs off traditional roofs on its way to storm sewers or drainage systems, green roofs soak up rain to reduce runoff and to ensure the most efficient use of water in the urban environment. This can reduce the stress on water treatment plants and can lower the risks of contamination for streams, rivers and groundwater reservoirs. By increasing utilization of these water resources with the help of a qualified Houston roofing contractor, building owners and managers can remain in compliance with local storm water regulations while enhancing the beauty and utility of their roof.

Added Habitats for Wildlife

Depending on the height of the roof and the type of vegetation chosen, green roofs can often attract birds and other wild animals. Butterfly gardens, for instance, are popular choices that have real appeal for these delicate and beautiful members of the insect world. Seeded plants can attract birds and squirrels to these urban habitats, allowing companies to make a positive impact on the local environment.

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