Should a Damaged Commercial Roof Be Repaired or Replaced

Commercial roofing systems are meant to last for a very long time. However, during that period, issues may develop that will require some sort of attention by a qualified Houston roofing company. These issues may be the result of improper installation, incorrect design or lax maintenance. In the event that your commercial roof has a problem that must be addressed, you have four options.

  • Repair the roof
  • Re-cover it
  • Coat the roof
  • Replace it

This can be a hard decision, but if you answer the following questions, you will be able to make the correct choice before calling a Houston roofing contractor.

  1. How badly has the roof been damaged?
  2. Does the building currently have occupants?
  3. Would it be easy to remove the roof?
  4. Do you want a quick fix or a long-term solution to the problem?
  5. How is the building being used?
  6. Where is the building?
  7. Does the building produce moisture?

Each of the four solutions mentioned previously have their benefits, which can help you make the right decision.


If the roof has minor issues, you may not require a full Houston roof replacement. You could decide to repair it if the roof’s insulation is still intact, the roof has not reached its expected lifespan and it is still in good condition. The benefits of a repair are reducing the cost and extending the roof’s lifespan.


Just because your roof is damaged, you may not have to replace it. If the insulation is still good, you might find that re-covering it is the best idea. Frequently, if the roof only has a single membrane, you could put another one on top of it. However, a roof may only be re-covered one time. Re-covering it is less expensive than a full tear-off. It is also less disruptive than replacement. The current roof would spend less time being exposed to the weather, and after it has been re-covered, it will be eligible for an extended warranty.

Full Replacement

If the damage is too widespread, it might not be worthwhile to re-cover it. Additionally, if it has already been re-covered once, it cannot be re-covered again. A good rule of thumb is that if 25 percent of the roof has been damaged, it should be replaced. You should replace the roof if the insulation is wet or ruined. Replacement is the best choice if you want a long-term solution. Replacing it will also let you have the latest technologies implemented on the new roof. If you plan on keeping the building for a long while, replacing the roof is the best choice. Your future maintenance costs will be lowered and you will be less likely to have problems. You will also enjoy savings on your energy bill if you replace it completely.


Often times, a roof’s life can be extended by coating it. Coating provides an increased level of protection against leaks and is less disruptive than a full tear-off. You can enjoy saving money on energy because the coating reflects the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun away from the structure, which helps the building and the roof stay cooler. A coated roof looks nicer as well. Coating is usually less expensive than the other three choices. Plus, there may be rebate incentives available.

The decision to repair, re-cover, replace or coat your damaged commercial roof is very important. Contact us at 713-748-4000. Paramount Roofing will help you make the best decision depending on the extent of your roof’s damage and how much you want to spend to solve the problem. We are available 24/7 for emergency assistance.