Roof Factors to Consider When Planning a Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Making sure your roof is capable of supporting solar panels is absolutely essential before embarking on these projects. Companies that specialize in The Woodlands residential roofing can provide you with a clear and accurate assessment of the current condition of your roof and any structural work that should be performed before adding these panels to your home or commercial building. While roofing companies do not generally perform the actual installation of solar panel arrays, they can evaluate your roof to make sure that it can stand up to the added weight and pressure. Here are some key factors to consider when going solar in our area.

Can My Roof Take the Added Weight?

On average, solar panels weigh between two and four pounds per square foot. This can put a significant strain on aging roofs and older buildings. Requesting an evaluation from a trusted The Woodlands roofing company can provide you with a good idea of the structural integrity of your roof and can help you make the right decision about going solar in the state of Texas.

Will My Solar Installation Be Cost-Effective?

The location and orientation of your roof will also have an impact on the amount of energy produced by your solar panels. Making sure your panels can be positioned to soak up the sun is essential to derive the greatest benefit from these installations. Checking for any potential obstacles like trees or other buildings that could block the sun can help you avoid disappointments when installing a solar array on your home or business.

Will My Installation Affect Drainage?

Anything added to the surface of your roof can potentially change the flow of water off these surfaces. Working with a reliable The Woodlands roofing contractor to assess the potential impact of solar panel installation can minimize these issues and can ensure that your roof sheds water effectively. This can prevent damage caused by standing water on your commercial or residential roof.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Required for My Solar Panels?

Regular roof inspections are recommended for structures with solar panel installations. This can ensure that any developing problems with your roof or your panels are identified and addressed quickly. Making sure your solar panels are free of dust and damage can allow them to function more efficiently. Checking the attachment points to the roof can protect the structural integrity of your building while ensuring that your solar panels stay precisely where they belong.

At Paramount Roofing, we can provide you with the expert inspection services and recommendations you need to make your solar panel installation project a success. Although we do not install solar panels, our technicians have the experience and the know-how to provide you with expert guidance and support regarding the structural integrity of your roof and the anticipated success of your project. Call us today at 713-748-4000 to discuss your roofing needs with our friendly and courteous technicians. We look forward to serving all of your roofing needs.