Roof Damage Caused by Hurricanes and Severe Storms

Hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and other major weather events can cause serious damage to your home’s roof. This damage can range from just a few missing shingles to catastrophic destruction of your whole roof structure. Calling a Clear Lake TX roofing contractor to assess the damage to your roof should be one of your first actions after a hurricane or other severe weather occurs. Here are the types of damage you can expect after a major storm comes through our area.

Category 1 through 5

Hurricanes are classified into Categories 1 through 5 according to the strength of the winds produced by these storms and it is important to call a Clear Lake TX roofing company to have your roof inspected before a major weather event.

  • Category 1 storms are generally the weakest with wind speeds between 74 and 95 miles per hour. While these wind gusts can cause serious discomfort for those caught outdoors, they typically only do superficial damage to roofs.
  • Wind speeds between 96 and 110 miles per hour qualify a hurricane as a Category 2 storm. These storms can strip away siding, roofing shingles and guttering.
  • During a Category 3 hurricane, winds can reach 111 to 129 miles per hour. At these speeds, winds can easily lift roof decks and strip away your entire roof.
  • Category 4 and 5 hurricanes are generally capable of destroying your entire home along with your roof and any outbuildings.

Making sure that you vacate your property as recommended by local and state authorities can help you protect yourself and your family against injuries or even worse consequences during these serious storms.

After the Storm

Calling a Clear Lake TX roofing company as soon as feasible after you are cleared to return to your home can help you deal with insurance claims and repairs much more quickly. These professionals can provide you with expert guidance on the condition of your roof and whether repairs or replacement are the most appropriate solution for your Texas home. Scheduling an inspection as quickly as possible can help you to determine the extent of the damage and to resolve your roof issues in a timely way.

At Paramount Roofing, we offer the Clear Lake TX roof replacement and repair services you and your family need to resolve storm damage quickly and effectively. We work with your insurance company to ensure that as much of your out-of-pocket cost as possible is covered by your home insurance policy. This can take some of the stress out of the cleanup process. Call Paramount Roofing today at 713-748-4000 to check the current condition of your roof and to schedule any necessary repairs before the next round of storms arrives in our area.