Professional Roof Inspections and What to Expect

If your roof has sustained damage in a storm or is beginning to deteriorate for any reason, it may be time to contact a professional inspector to determine the extent and the cause of the problems. Katy roofing company you choose can make a big difference in the outcome of your project. By working with a Katy roof replacement company with a proven reputation for quality work and accurate inspections, you can enjoy the benefit of their expertise and experience when managing your roof inspection needs. Knowing what to expect when choosing a professional inspector for your commercial or residential roof can help you achieve the most positive results.

Inside and Outside Inspection

Your inspection team will likely have to look both inside and outside the building to ensure the most accurate assessment of your roof’s condition. Checking the interior of your attic space or top floor can help inspectors determine whether water is seeping through the roofing materials into other spaces of your home or business premises. For commercial buildings, the inspection technicians may have to walk the roof to find any weak spots or damage. In some cases, your inspector may recommend the installation of walkways to prevent future damage to roofing materials after your replacement or repairs are complete.

A Detailed Estimate

After the evaluation of your building or home has been completed, you should receive a written assessment of the current condition of your roof and an estimate of the costs needed to replace or repair it. This document is necessary to ensure that your insurance covers as much of these costs as possible. It can also allow you to plan more effectively for the expenses involved in your residential or commercial roofing project.

Attention to Detail

Especially for commercial enterprises, making sure your Katy roofing company has the right credentials and experience to identify issues quickly can help you manage your maintenance tasks more easily. Choosing a company with a proven reputation for quality work can ensure that no minor details are overlooked. Gutters and drainage systems are especially important to ensure the longevity of your Katy residential roofing or commercial replacement project.

The roofing experts at Paramount Roofing Inc. can provide you with inspection services designed to suit the needs of businesses and homeowners in our area. We offer proven experience, a meticulous attention to every last detail and the most accurate estimates possible. To learn more about our roof inspection process or to schedule an appointment with one of our inspectors, call us today at 713-748-4000. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.