Multiple Layers of Roofing Shingles Can Spell Real Trouble for Houston Homeowners

Some home insurance companies are now denying or cancelling coverage for homes that have multiple layers of shingles in place on their roofs. The added weight and increased risk of collapse caused by these additional layers of roofing shingles can make insurers reluctant to take on the risks of coverage for these homes. Additionally, some homeowners may experience difficulties in reselling their property due to perceived unsafe conditions. In most cases, these added layers of roofing material are the result of repeated repairs in lieu of a full roof replacement. A Houston roofing contractor with experience in full replacement services can often provide the best possible resolution for these issues to restore insurability to homes in the Houston area.

All about Your Roof

Your home’s roof serves as a physical barrier between your family and belongings and the outside world. In inclement weather, it prevents water and wind from entering your home and shelters you against the elements. Most roof installations consist of several layers of construction materials:

  • The rafters are part of the central structure of your home and serve as attachment points for the bottom layer of the roof.
  • The deck is generally considered the first layer. Nearly always constructed of wood, the deck provides a solid point of contact for the rest of your roof.
  • A felt underlayment typically covers the deck and offers added protection and cushioning.
  • Shingles are the last layer of your roof and are designed and installed to keep water out of your home by allowing it to flow into rain gutters that direct it safely to the ground and away from your home.

Most roof installations are designed specifically to hold one layer of shingles. When storm damage affects only one area of the roof, however, some homeowners opt for the cheaper option of installing an additional layer of shingles over the existing roofing materials. While this may serve as a convenient stopgap measure, it can also lead to unsafe conditions that can render your home uninsurable because shingles on top of shingles can leave gaps for water penetration. Most lenders will not finance a home that cannot be covered by insurance. This can prevent your home from being sold until the roof situation has been remedied.

Increased Repair Costs for Your Roof

Another factor that can affect insurability is the added cost of repairing roofs with multiple layers of shingles. During a full roof replacement project, the cost of removing and disposing of shingles is factored into the price paid by your insurer. If your roof currently consists of three layers of shingles or more, the cost of replacement could be prohibitive. Opting for a properly performed replacement that strips away these extra layers can often be the most cost-effective strategy to restore insurance coverage and ensure safety inside your home.

Resolving the Issue

Houston roof replacement is usually the most effective way to restore insurance coverage. Your roofing contractor will begin by stripping away the layers of your existing roof down to the decking level. These expert technicians will also assess the condition of your roof deck to ensure that this layer is solid and free from any damage or rot that could reduce the longevity of your new roof. By working with an established and reputable company, you and your family can enjoy the highest quality workmanship and the best results for your Houston roof replacement project.

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