Locating Leaks on Commercial and Residential Roofs

In some cases, the source of a leak in your roof may be obvious. At other times, however, it may be difficult to determine exactly where the water is coming from. Calling a company that specializes in Spring TX roof repair services can help you identify the cause of roof leaks and can provide the fastest and most reliable repair and replacement services for you. Here are some helpful hints for finding the source of a leak in your commercial or residential roof.

Check for Early Warning Signs

You may be able to spot early signs of leaks in the interior of your home or building well before they are evident from the outside. Stains, cracks and bulges on ceiling tiles, walls and other areas of your interior can sometimes indicate the intrusion of water into these areas. By keeping a close eye on these early indications of trouble, you can often avoid issues that could require a complete Spring TX roof replacement.

Investigate the Attic

Your home’s attic can provide a wealth of information on the condition of your roof. By taking a trip upstairs to look at the insulation and structural elements of your attic, you can often spot problem areas before they cause serious damage to your roof and interior areas of your home. Your Spring TX roofing company can provide added help in determining whether stains and discolorations on wood and insulation are warning signs of leaks in your roof.

Let It Rain

One of the best times to check for leaks is when it is raining. Taking a flashlight and examining any stains or damaged areas inside your building or in your attic can often allow you to pinpoint the precise location of leaks that could cause serious damage to your home or commercial building. By timing your investigation to take advantage of weather conditions, you can get the clearest picture of the current condition of your roof.

Seek Professional Assistance

Working with a professional roofing company can help you avoid any mistakes that could result in further damage. Roofers have the experience and knowledge necessary to move safely on roofs and other uneven surfaces. By entrusting them with your roof inspection needs, you can stay safely on the ground and out of harm’s way.

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