How to Spot a Poorly Installed Sugar Land Roof Replacement

A well-built asphalt shingle roof should last for at least 20 to 25 years, and it has to — nothing else is more important for your home’s structural reliability except perhaps for its foundation. Through rain and shine, snow, sleet, hail, and hurricane-force winds, your roof has to handle it all. If you are considering a Sugar Land roof replacement, here are warning signs of a bad roof installation to keep an eye out for afterwards:

Missing Shingles

All shingles overlap to provide a continuous barrier against rain. Even a single missing or loose shingle will let moisture into your home, which will promote mold growth and rot. Unless you have just experienced a major hurricane with 100 mph winds or an intense hailstorm, your roof should appear normal. Missing shingles or shingles that do not lay flat indicate a sloppy installation.

More Visible Damage Than Other Roofs

Do you schedule Sugar Land roof repairs more than your neighbors? If your roof fares worse during heavy rain and wind, your home probably is not cursed — the roof just was not installed correctly. Some other factors, such as how often you trim your trees to keep them away from your roof, influence how well your roof holds up, but as a rule of thumb, every roof in a neighborhood should hold up equally well.


Notice dark black stains just a few months after installation? That means rain is getting stuck under the shingles and growing mold. This issue can also occur when leaves and other debris accumulate on the roof and block rain from properly draining, but small, blotchy staining should always be investigated further.


Did you just move into a new home and notice that some parts of the roof are darker than others? This sort of discoloration indicates that the previous owner replaced one part of the roof or just repaired a small area. While the home inspector should make a note of it, it could mean that your roof only has a few years of life left in it.

No Drip Edge or Flashing

Missing drip edge and flashing are grounds for kicking the roofing contractor off your property and asking for a refund. Every roof needs to have a drip edge and flashing to channel water away from the channels and edge of your roof. A roof without a these materials will soon have rotting fascia boards, and you could end up replacing significant parts of the roofing structure.

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