How Squirrels Can Damage Your Roof

Squirrels really look cute when they scamper around your lawn, climbing trees and hiding nuts for the winter. However, those little rodents can be very destructive. Not many surfaces can stand up to the bite of a squirrel. They can gnaw through wood, polyethylene, roof shingles and even lead sheathing. Once they have found a way to get inside your home, they start chewing on electrical wiring or phone cables. They chew the wire’s insulation, which causes short circuits that can start a fire. The Woodlands roof repair specialists at Paramount Roofing know the problems squirrels can cause once they breach your roof and enter your attic.

In addition to chewing wires, they urinate all over the attic, which leaves stains on the ceiling. Their urine is particularly pungent, and it will make your ceiling stink. Your ceiling might begin to leak or even break apart. The squirrel can then get inside your living space. If that happens, they are very hard to catch and can cause a lot of expensive damage as they careen though your home trying to evade capture.

The holes they leave when they chew their way into your home lets rainwater into your house. This causes even more damage to your ceiling, attic and insulation while rotting the wooden layer of your roof.

Squirrels love to chew on vent pipes. When they do, it can damage your indoor plumbing. A Clear Lake TX roofing company like Paramount Roofing knows how to prevent squirrels from gaining entry to your home and how to keep them from chewing on vent pipes, wires and other cables.

Another problem that squirrels cause occurs when they leap from a tree to the roof of your home carrying pine cones, nuts and whatever else they want to stash in your attic. They frequently drop their goodies, which roll down the roof into your gutters and can clog them. The gutters then cannot do their job, and water dams will form around the left-behind debris. This puts too much weight on the gutter and can cause it to droop and become detached from your house. Then, rainwater will stream down your walls and pool up at the base of your foundation.

The numerous problems that squirrels cause can lower your property value and cause expensive repairs. Rather than fight the squirrels after they get inside, it is better to have a Sugar Land roofing company deal with the problem ahead of time. Prevention is far less expensive and will save you many a headache down the road.

So how can you thwart a squirrel’s relentless attack on your home? One thing you should do is keep your trees trimmed so that no branches hang over your roof. Residential roofing specialists at Paramount Roofing have a few tricks up their sleeve that can be applied when putting on a new roof or repairing an old one. They can also treat your roof before it gets damaged. They use special paints and taste repellents to keep squirrels from gnawing on your shingles, pipes or woodwork. This prevents them from creating an entryway into your attic.

You can also keep squirrels away with a sonic repellent that emits a high-pitched tone that annoys a squirrel’s sensitive sense of hearing. They will not come near your home if you put a sonic repellent in your attic. The good news is that the tone is too high-pitched for humans to hear, so you will not know it is broadcasting.

If, however, squirrels have already invaded your home, Paramount Roofing can put some live traps in your attic to catch the vermin and take them away. Do not let squirrels ruin your roof or any other part of your home. Call Paramount Roofing if you have a problem. They know how to make squirrels avoid your home.