Different Types of Sugar Land Residential Roofing Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most widely used type of shingle in the United States. Sugar Land residential roofing companies routinely turn to them for their durability, affordability and ease of installation. More than 15 billion square feet of asphalt shingles are made and installed every year. If it is time to replace your roof, asphalt shingles are probably high on your list of possibilities. It is important to note that regardless of the type of shingle you choose, proper installation is the key to the integrity and lifespan of your roof. Before you make your selection, you ought to know the make-up of asphalt shingles, their benefits and the different varieties.

Asphalt Shingle Composition

Asphalt shingles consist of a rectangular mat covered with layers of asphalt. The mat layer enables the shingles to resist tearing or breaking. Formaldehyde resin is bonded with the mat before a mixture of asphalt and chemical fillers is applied. Then, ceramic granules are embedded in the asphalt. The granules give the asphalt shingles their distinctive appearance and protect against exposure to UV rays.

In the past, the mat was made from asbestos. Now, it is fiberglass. For a while, so-called organic asphalt shingles were popular. They do not withstand the rigors of heavy winds and punishing weather, so a Sugar Land roofing company would not normally use them very often these days.

Asphalt Shingle Benefits

  • Asphalt is more economical than slate, wood, metal or tile shingles.
  • They are easy to recycle after a Sugar Land roof replacement.
  • Almost all types have a Class-A fire-resistance rating.
  • There are more types of asphalt shingles than any other roofing material.
  • They require little maintenance and are easy to repair.

Types of Asphalt Shingles

  • Three-tab shingles, or strip shingles, are the most common and affordable type of asphalt shingles.
  • Algae-preventing shingles have zinc or copper-coated granules to protect against algae growth. They work well in a hot, humid environment like Houston.
  • Laminated or dimensional shingles are frequently used on new projects. They are also called architectural shingles. They have two or more asphalt shingles fused together, which gives them a layered, 3-D look. They can simulate the appearance of more expensive wood shakes or slate tiles.

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