Determining if Your Houston Roof Replacement Is Covered by Insurance

Determining whether your insurance company will pay for your Houston roof replacement can allow you to make more practical decisions for your home and your budget. Understanding the criteria used for evaluating your roof damage can help you navigate the process more easily to ensure that your problems are resolved in the most cost-effective way. Here are some questions to consider when making a claim for roof damage in the Houston area.

What Caused the Damage?

Your insurance company will only pay for damage caused by covered events. Flood damage, for example, may not be covered under your policy unless you have added a rider that includes coverage for these events. If your insurance adjuster determines that lack of proper maintenance and routine care may be responsible for the damage to your roof, you may be on the hook for the entire cost of your repairs or replacement by your local Houston roofing company.

What Materials Are Covered?

You may be tempted to upgrade your roofing materials at the time of your replacement. Touching base with your insurance company before you begin can help you avoid major expenses not covered by your homeowner’s policy. Your insurance agent can provide you with accurate information on the types of materials covered under your policy and the amount that will be paid by your insurer for your roofing project. This can help you decide on the right materials for your Houston roof.

Is the Cost More than Your Deductible?

Your insurance documentation will provide you with the amount of your deductible, which may be a specific dollar amount or a percentage of the cost of your repair or replacement. If the cost of your roofing project is close to the amount of your deductible, it may be worthwhile to pay for these repairs or replacements yourself rather than going through your insurer. Claims can increase the cost of your homeowner’s insurance premiums for several years. Weighing these additional costs against the out-of-pocket expense of your roofing project can help you make the most cost-effective choice for your home and your family.

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