Cleaning Options for Ugly Roof Stains That Can Damage Your Roof

If you notice stains on your roof, the problem is probably worse than just discoloration of the shingles. Those stains are the result of various types of lichens, algae and moss that are eating away at the organic components of your roofing components. Usually, these stains appear on a portion of your roof that does not get enough sunlight. If left untreated, those microscopic invaders can cause considerable damage. If you have this problem, you should call in a professional Sugar Land residential roofing company to examine the stains on your roof.

There are two common methods recommended by a Sugar Land roofing company to remove roof stains and the entities that are causing them. The intensity of the treatments varies based on how bad the staining is and if the roof has already suffered physical damage that will require a Sugar Land roof repair or replacement. The following information will not only educate you. It will help you confer with your roofer to choose the best technique to handle your roof cleaning problem.

  • The most environmentally friendly method used does not employ any noxious chemicals like bleach, chlorine, phosphates or other compounds that could kill your landscaping or enter the water table. The roof is sprayed with a mild roofing shampoo under low pressure to avoid the use of heavy brushing or scrubbing. This method is fast and thorough. The attacking organisms are removed immediately. The gentle rinse will not damage the roof.
  • For more drastic staining problems, chlorine bleach can use be mixed with trisodium phosphate (TSP) to attack the stains. The mixture is applied and allowed to dry. Any algae, moss or lichens that do not wash off immediately will eventually die and be naturally rinsed from the roof by subsequent rainfall. For stubborn stains, the treatment may need to be repeated. This is the least costly method because the chemicals are inexpensive and roofing technicians can usually perform the procedure without having to climb onto the roof to do the job.

Do not let stains ruin your roof. Contact Paramount Roofing at 713-748-4000. We will examine the problem and provide information to get this problem taken care of. Your home’s curb appeal will improve dramatically after the staining is removed. Your roof will be restored to its original healthy condition, which will extend its life for many years.