Energy Efficient Roof: Tech Shields & Radiant Barriers

Little things can make a big difference when it comes to increasing your home’s energy efficiency. TechShield radiant barriers use thin sheets of aluminum or metallic foil that are bonded to roof decking material. Radiant barriers help attics remain cool during hot Houston summers while reducing the cost of keeping your home cool and how often your air conditioning system has to operate. A Houston residential roofing company can retrofit TechShield when you get a new roof.

TechShield can block 97 percent of radiant heat from entering an attic, which cools the space by approximately 30 percent. TechShield has an emittance rating of less than 0.1. Emittance is the ratio of energy or heat that the barrier intercepts and reradiates away from the roof. This has the trickle-down effect of cooling the entire home while reducing the load on a buildings HVAC system. It has been reported that TechShield can lower air conditioning costs by 17 percent per month or more.

Many modern green building rating systems recommend radiant barriers because they function as part of the building’s insulating envelope. They are especially useful for Houston roofs due to the climate. To reduce the load on your HVAC unit all year long, you want to keep unwanted cool or hot air out and conditioned air inside your home.

Until recently, radiant heat transfer was misunderstood, but now, radiant barriers are gaining in popularity. Many modern green building guidelines specifically mention radiant barriers for residential heat control. In fact, 20 percent of the homes built in 2010 had radiant barrier sheathing and 87 of the foremost 100 home builders in the U.S. are currently using a radiant barrier for roof and gable-end sheathing. If TechShield is installed with the foil on the bottom, the roof deck stops heat from entering a home’s interior. In these cases, the Houston roofing company installs a radiant barrier and the roof sheathing in a one cost-effective process.

When installing radiant barriers, a Houston roofing company will still use just as much insulation as it would without the radiant barrier. The barrier is considered to be part of the insulating system.

It is easy to save money on your electricity bill by adding a radiant barrier to your new roof or by retrofitting your old roof with TechShield. The effectiveness of a radiant barrier depends on correct installation and Paramount Roofing is certified to install radiant barriers. Call Paramount Roofing Inc. at 713-748-4000 to find out if a radiant barrier is the correct choice for your home or commercial building.

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