Houston Roofing Company: Houses with Flat Roofs

In the past, you would find flat roofs mostly on commercial buildings. However, our Houston roofing company is seeing more and more flat roofs on homes. It’s important to understand the differences between traditional sloped roofs and flat roofs before choosing to build or buy a home with a flat roof. We’ll discuss the differences and some pros and cons of flat roofs for homes.

man standing on flat roof built by Houston roofing company

Many modern architecture buildings feature flat roofs.

Talk to Your Houston Roofing Company about Flat Residential Roofs

Sloped roofs have been around for quite a long time, likely since man first started building shelters. Flat roofs are a fairly new innovation that became popular around the mid 20th century. Today, you can find flat Houston residential roofing on a lot of modern architecture. 

Flat roofs do have a slight slope, but usually only between 5° and 15°. This is to help direct water to drainage holes and outlets in the roof. Also, rather than shingles, flat roofs use other waterproof materials. For example, the three most popular flat roofing materials are:

  • Built up roofing (BUR)
  • Modified bitumen
  • EPDM rubber

BUR roofing involves coating the roof surface with several layers of hot tar and asphalt to create a watertight seal.

Modified bitumen involves applying several sheets, often peel and stick, of asphalt mixed with special polymers.

EPDM roofs use large sheets of rubber as the surface of the roof. Your

Houston roofing company can help you determine which material to use for your home’s flat roof based on your needs, budget, and home. 

Pros and Cons of Flat Houston Residential Roofing

Of course, just like anything else, there are pros and cons to choosing flat roofs for your home. So, it’s important to keep them in mind before you build or purchase a modern home with a flat roof

home with flat roof and rooftop patio built by Houston roofing company

Many homeowners are choosing flat roofs from our Houston roofing company because they can act as living space like a rooftop patio!

One major advantage of a flat residential roof that homeowners love is that they can often be turned into usable square footage. For instance, if you wanted a rooftop patio or garden, flat roofs make this possible. In addition, they’re a fairly low-cost option, both during construction and for repairs. 

However, there are some disadvantages to keep in mind as well. First, flat roofs can be more prone to pooling and leakage because there’s not a very steep slope to help direct water off the roof. They may also need more maintenance like regular inspections and cleaning off debris.

In addition, most flat roofs have an average lifespan of 20 to 30 years. This is close to the expected lifespan of a sloped composite shingle roof, but there are several shingle options that last much longer and only work for sloped roofs. So, in some cases you might need to plan for more frequent Houston roof replacement for flat roofs compared to sloped roofs with, say, clay or metal shingles. 

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