Does Metal Houston Residential Roofing Attract Lightning?

Lightning strikes house with metal Houston residential roofing

Lightning isn’t more likely to strike metal roofs than any other type of Houston residential roofing.

There are many different types of Houston residential roofing options to choose from for your home. Metal roofs are becoming more and more popular for both homes and commercial buildings. However, a common question we get about metal roofs is whether they will attract lightning. Let’s go over some facts about metal roofs and lightning strikes

Common Houston Residential Roofing Questions: Will a Metal Roof Attract Lightning?

So, will a metal roof attract lightning strikes? The simple answer is no. 

It’s a common myth that lightning is attracted to good electrical conductors like metal and water. Many people think that these materials act as a kind of magnet for lightning. However, this really isn’t the case. After all, lightning strikes trees pretty often, and wood really isn’t a good conductor. So, if you install a metal roof on your house, you aren’t more at risk for lightning strikes than any other type of Houston residential roofing. 

If the roof material doesn’t really affect the risk of a lightning strike to your home, what does? Most experts agree that building height, building size, and surrounding terrain are some of the biggest factors influencing where lightning will strike. Lightning is essentially trying to reach the ground through the path of least resistance. Generally, this means it will strike anything that is largest and tallest in the surrounding area. It has nothing to do with the material of that object. 

Metal Roofs Might Be Safer than Traditional Roofs During a Lightning Strike

If you’re considering metal for your next Houston roof replacement, we have good news. Not only do metal roofs not attract lightning any more than any other roofing material, but they may also be safer than other types of roofs. Yes, you read that right, metal roofs might be better in case of a lightning strike.

We touched on the fact that lightning wants to get to the ground in the easiest way possible. If it strikes something with more electrical resistance, some of the energy gets converted into heat. That heat can cause damage and increase the risk for fires. Since metal is a good electrical conductor, when lightning passes through it there’s less resistance and heat generated. So, your metal roof may just help you avoid significant damage. Other roofing materials are fairly combustible, but metal is fire-resistant, which can help reduce damage if lightning does strike, according to many roofing experts. 

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